Finished My FPS Scenario/ Palindromes

I am super excited about my FPS Scenario this year.  I’m not sure if you recall, but I wrote a scenario last year.  I did fairly well in competition and I was happy with my story.  But this year, I am ecstatic!  I still need to revise, edit, and come up with a great title, but my first draft is awesome!  Once it is perfect, I’ll share the finished product with you!

This is a rather short post, but I would like to leave you with this cool info I found about palindromes and dates.  I don’t take credit for what is below.  It came from here.

Some people are into cars. Some people dig the ocean. Aziz Inan, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Portland in Oregon, loves numbers.

“I can relate to them,” Inan said. “Each number has its own personality.”

With this adoration in mind, consider today, Jan. 2, 2010. The day is a palindromic date, meaning the number can be read the same way in either direction: 01-02-2010.

There will be 12 palindromic days this century, Inan said, and today is the second. The first was 10-02-2001. (His complete list is here.)

A native of Istanbul, Inan creates math puzzles in his spare time. So it was a big day when he looked closely at his own name and saw a pattern. His first and last names are both vowel-consonant-vowel-same consonant — and, if you write the names in all caps, switch the vowels and turn one set of consonants 90 degrees, both names are the same.

“I jumped in my chair,” he said of the day two years ago when the connection hit him. “My parents had no idea.”

Despite Inan’s excitement about numbers, he dismisses the notion that mysticism and magic are connected to such dates.

He doesn’t, for example, fear Dec. 21, 2012, the date the Mayan “Long Count” calendar marks as the end of a 5,126-year era. Some folks think the date portends a revolution or an apocalypse.

Jan. 2, 2010, and Dec. 21, 2012, he said, just happen to be really cool dates.

How to Enjoy . . . Writing!

Writing can be an enjoyable experience! Try these things to get the most out of writing!

1. Write about what you enjoy.

2. Try free writing. Sit down for 15-20 min. and just write whatever comes to your mind.

3. Revise and edit your work to make it even better.

4. Share your work with others; they will enjoy hearing what you have written!

5. Go out on a limb. Write about something you are not 100% comfortable with writing. You will write better than you ever have.


This is part two of a three part series. Up next: How to enjoy your favorite activity!

Miss W’s Blogging Challenge #10

Raining Cats and Dogs

This is another David Lubar inspired story.


Stacey opened the door and peered outside. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. She walked down the driveway whistling her favorite song, “Wake Up and Sing”. As she picked up the newspaper, she felt it suddenly get darker. She looked up and saw a two giant clouds above her head. “Those look like a cat and a dog,” Stacey thought. Before her brain had time to fully process the thought, a Yorkshire Terrier fell from the sky. Stacey screamed and ran for her garage. A Birman Cat dropped right in front of her as she jumped for the cover of the garage. She ran inside and slammed the door behind her.

Stacey ran to the window and looked at her driveway. She was taken aback when she saw the cats and dogs turn into water. On impact with the ground, the animals transformed into a drop of water. Stacey shook her head, pinched herself, and whacked her head with a book. The cats and dogs were still falling.

Stacey ran for her phone and dialed her brother. He would understand. “Danny?”

“Hey sis, what’s up?” Her brother asked.

“Have you looked outside?” Stacey asked.

“Yeah, it sure is raining out there! It was sunny, but all of a sudden it just let loose!” He exclaimed.

“I feel bad for those cats and dogs. It must be pretty scary falling like that. But why are they turning into water?”

“Wait, what?” Danny practically shouted into the phone.

“The cats and dogs? That are falling from the sky? Like, it’s raining cats and dogs?”

Danny laughed. “Good one sis. Listen, the doorbell just rang. I’ll see you later, ok?”

Stacey hung up the phone feeling lame and confused. Why didn’t Danny believe her? Didn’t he see the animals falling like meteors from the sky? She walked back to the window. A Bernese Mountain dog fell and turned into a hailstone. This was just way too strange. Maybe she was just imagining the animals. Some breakfast should help clear her head.

Stacey slowly ate the omelet she had made, savoring every bite. When she was finished, she took a large gulp of orange juice and walked slowly back to the window. She dreaded what would come next. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she approached. She counted to three and opened her eyes. All she saw was sunshine. No rain, not even a drop of water. That was weird. Even Danny had said that it was raining.

Stacey ventured outside and felt the warm sunshine on her body. She smiled and walked out further. Then the sky got darker. “Not again!” she thought, but the cats and dogs had already started falling. She ran back inside and took several deep breaths. The she heard beeping noises, constant beeps . . .


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Stacey jerked awake. She slammed her hand against her alarm clock, silencing the constant beeps. She slowly sat up. So it was all just a dream. She looked out the window and saw sunshine. Then, a Persian cat fell from the sky. Stacey shook her head and it was gone. She must still be groggy from her sleep. She turned and left the room, so she did not see the Calico cat and the Golden Retriever fall from the sky.

If Braces Were Magnetic…

This is the story I wrote inspired by David Lubar.


The crisp ring of my classroom’s phone interrupted my teacher, Mrs. Huffleberry’s, droning lesson on poetry. She answered the phone, nodded several times, and then hung up. “Ally, you have an appointment. Go on down to the office.”

My mom gunned the car, and we were off. Most of the time, I do not enjoy having a race car driver as a mom, but when you are running late, it is a dream come true. We pulled into the orthodontist’s parking lot and I groaned. Another hour of sitting in an uncomfortable chair, with odd people leaning over you, doing who knows what to your teeth. Great.

I walked into the building and Sadie, the receptionist, smiled and said, “Welcome Ally! Doctor Hurt will be ready for you in just a minute!” For some reason, I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that his name is Hurt. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

I sat down in an uncomfortable waiting room chair and leafed through the boring magazines lying on a table in front of me. Teen celebrities gone bad, global warming melting the world, and another pointless law passed. Bo-ring! “Allison, we’re ready for you!” I hate it when people call me Allison. My name is Ally.

A new face I had never seen before led me into a stark white room. She was wearing a hot pink nurse’s gown with smiling teeth holding toothbrushes all over it. Great. She is one of those people who is going to treat me like I’m two. “Sit down right there Allison, and we’ll get started!” Right. Where else was I going to sit? The counter?

I climbed into the chair and cringed as the metal beneath the cushion dug into my back. The assistant with the smiling teeth leaned over me and I settled back for the pain.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“Here is your pass,” the school secretary said from behind her massive desk in the front office. I was already late for literature, so I went to my locker to get my book. I started to turn my combination, but my head banged against my locker. I tried to pull back, but it was like my head was magnetically connected to the locker. Wait! That’s it! I searched the far reaches of my mind and remembered my science teacher talking about how to disable magnets. Something about positive and negative energy . . . Oh yeah! Positive and positive and negative and negative don’t attract, they detract. I fished into my pockets where I happened to have a pocket magnet. I put the negative side against the locker, and I was freed!

Now though, I had to do something about this magnetic force. I figured it had to be my braces. I ran out the school doors, ignoring the call of the secretary. I rushed past Sadie the receptionist, and went into the white room. The assistant with smiling teeth was not there. Doctor Hurt looked up from his patient with a quizzical look. I pointed to my braces, and said one word, “Magnet”.

“Not you too!” Doctor Hurt said. “That’s the eighth one today!” He sat me down in the chair and replaced my braces. He held a magnet by my mouth, and nothing happened. “There you go,” he said. “I am terribly sorry about the magnets. I am going to have to talk to my supplier about those wires.”

Now, I do not regret going to the orthodontist. I realized that Doctor Hurt was a really nice person. I was just stereotyping him because what he did hurt. I am still not sure about the name, but his family and mine went out to dinner and had a great time. Maybe you should replace your orthodontist’s wires with magnetic wires and see if he is actually nice. Or if they really are mean monsters. Your choice!

David Lubar and Writing

Good Afternoon Web 2.0! Today, we got a visit from the author David Lubar. He has published 7 books and three short story collections. He is a very funny man. (see SAT Essay Questions and Laptop Tips) Surprisingly yet not surprisingly, David Lubar used to be a video game designer. For more information on David Lubar, cilck here.

David Lubar talked with us for an hour, and he gave us some writing tips. He inspired and sparked thoughts in my mind. He talked about starting with titles, What if. . . questions, rambling thinking, and introductions/ conclusions. Afterwords, our classroom helper Mr. Shercliff and I came up with a story about if your braces were magnetic. You couldn’t open your locker without having your head stuck to the locker! I was excited to start writing afterwords, and I think that I am going to write a story inspired by David Lubar.

What Makes Me Happy

I was tagged by my classmate Marnie to write a post about six things that make me happy. I couldn’t narrow it down that much, so I have eight. Here it goes.

1. Reading- with reading I can escape to another world

2. Writing- with writing I can express my thoughts

3. Knitting- knitting is just plain fun!

4. Math- math is challenging and interesting

5. Friends- can you go wrong with friends?

6. Breckles- my dog is more like my sister, she’s awesome

7. Chocolate- yummy and delicious

8. Smiles and Laughter- if you smile, I’ll smile. if you laugh, I’ll laugh

Now, I must tag 6 people.







Have fun bloggers!

My Avatar

My new avatar is here! This avatar was created using Mini- Mizer.

This avatar has almost my same hair color. It has glasses, though I think that they are cooler than mine. It is wearing pink and lime green, my favorite colors, and jeans. It is holding a book and a pencil, symbolizing reading and writing.

What do you think of my new avatar? Please comment and let me know!




Miss W’s Student Blogging Challenge 2009 Challenge #2

I’m Back Web 2.0!!!!

Several of my classmates have asked why I have not blogged in a while, and the reason is that I have been busy and I have not been able to think of anything to blog about! I am going to start with my research project. We took on a subject from the National Debate Teams and studied it, then took a side. My topic was whether zoos did more harm, or good. I think that they do good.


For my project, I did a video. Sadly, this video is too large to upload to Edublogs. I hope you enjoy!