BOOK REVIEW: A Killer Stitch- Maggie Sefton- 262 pages

Well, I never would have guessed, but there is a series of books out there that are knitting mysteries. Surprising, right? I finished one of the books, and it was very good. The basic series outline is that there is a group of girls (in their 20/30’s) who live in a small town in Colorado. They frequently visit a knitting shop in town. (Sort of like Village Yarn Shop!) The main character is named Kelly Flynn.

In A Killer Stitch, a man is hit in the head with a rusty shovel. The main suspects in the case are his ex- girlfriend and current girlfriend, but Kelly and her friends believe that they are innocent. They just have to find the guilty person and convince the authorities that their friends are innocent.

Rating: 5/5

NOTE: This book DOES have some older content. (It is in the adult section at Hussey) Please though note that it is NOT AT ALL a “bad” book, as the references are knowledgeable. You can ask me about them if you would like.

BOOK REIVEW: How NOT To Spend Your Senior Year- Cameron Dokey- 292 pages

This book is about a girl and her dad who are in the WPP (Witness Protection Program). They have moved around the country with different disguises, but at one of their stops, she meets a boyfriend and a best friend. She is devistated when they have to leave, and she has to fake her own death. She makes a visit to try and explain things to her friends, but they think she is a ghost. This is a funny yet serious book.

Rating: 6/5

BOOK REVIEW: True Talents- David Lubar- 315 pages

This is the sequel to Hidden Talents. The boys from Edgeview have returned home, but things go wrong when Trash gets caught using his power. All six boys mysteriously end up in Philidelphia and they work to fight a real evil man who has bad intentions for their powers. They are not always able to use their hidden talents, so they must use their true talents.

Rating: 5/5

BOOK REVIEW: A Taste of Smoke- Marion Dane Bauer- 106 pages

This book is about a girl and her sister who go on a camping trip. The girl is looking for some alone time with her sister, but her sister’s boyfriend shows up and ruins that hope. The girl runs off into the woods and meets a boy, but that boy won’t leave her alone until he gets what he wants. The problem though? The boy is a ghost!


Rating: 3/5

BOOK REVIEW: Abduction- Peg Kehret- 215 pages

This book is about a kindergartener who is kidnapped by his dad. He lives with his mom and half- sister, and his dad does not have visiting rights. His dad is a gambler, and he only wants to show is brother- in- law that he can raise a kid. So, he kidnaps his son and takes him to Seattle to raise him. Meanwhile, the boy’s mom and sister and searching frantically for him. This is an amazing book!

Rating: 5/5

Book Review: Chains- Laurie Halse Anderson- 313 pages

This was the best book that I have read in a long time. I got it from my aunt for Christmas, and it was amazing. It is about a slave who is sold from her nice master to a mean master who beats her and her 4 year old sister. This book is about the hardships that the two encounter with their new master. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!


Rating: 20/5 stars

Book Review: The Mournful Teddy- John J. Lamb- 293 pages

A retired homicide inspector is planning to spend the rest of his life in a small town making teddy bears with his wife. But he didn’t realize that a dead man would come floating down to his house, literally. He then makes the decision to investigate the murder when local authorities refused to do it.


Rating: 4/5 stars