My Blog Guidelines

Hi and welcome to my blog! Here are somethings to check out as a first time visitor!

1. My About Me Page

2. My Blogging Story

3. My most recent posts


Other Cool Features

1. Check out my categories on the sidebar to find the posts that are most interesting to you.

2. Check out my links. Some are really interesting!


Commenting Guidelines

I love comments! It helps me to know that people still read my blog! I do, however, have a few guidelines for comments.

1. If you are a first time commenter, I must moderate the comment before it will appear. After your first comment, they will automatically be approved.

2. I read every comment I recieve, wether it needs to be moderated or not.

3. If you leave your url, I will visit your blog! Last year, I added quite a few new blogs to my Google Reader from comments I recieved and blogs I therefore visited.

4. Be nice! I am perfectly okay with critisicm, but nobody wants to hear it in a mean way.


Finally . . .

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope that you enjoy it! Please be sure to comment and leave a url!

11 thoughts on “My Blog Guidelines

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  2. Abbey,
    A great example of a page with blogging and commenting guidelines. I notice Sue Waters has included it in her post in The Edublogger. I am amazed to see how you are progressing with your blogging.

  3. Thank you! I am excited about how it is progressing too! The funny thing is I am just doing something I enjoy. The benefits are just extras!


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  5. Hi Abbey

    Very clear explanation of commenting on your blog. You are approaching your blogging very sensibly and responsibly. I will also check out some of your links – maybe I will find a few to add to my Google reader! 🙂

  6. Hi Abbey

    What a wonderful blog you have created. Well done on doing an incredible job. Like you, I also started my blog in November 2008 and over the past months, I have learned more and more, which has made blogging such an exciting adventure.

    Your commenting guidelines are very practical and helpful.

    Best wishes

    Janet Bianchini

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