Want a Supporter Subscription?

Would you like to have an Edublogs Supporter Subscription and enable plugins like threaded comments and email subscription? Now’s your chance!

You can win a year long Supporter Subscription right now! All you have to do is complete the puzzle below to find the post that you need to write about. Then, write a post about one of the following:

  1. Your own failure
  2. Your own made- up failure
  3. Your top three fails from the website at the bottom of the post


          +             –  h   +   s



       –    o     


First Post on the List



Post must be written before October 20th to be considered for winning.
Post must be linked back to this post. (See What’s a Pingback? and How to Write Links)
Winner will be the most creative post.


Good Luck!


“The St. Louis Gateway Arch” http://www.bssconline.org/2004AnnualMeeting/AnMtg04rev.htm
“Hive” http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/130920727215024733/site/default.asp
“Mayo” http://www.mountain-goats.com/forums/read.php?2,73727,74334,page=2

6 thoughts on “Want a Supporter Subscription?

  1. 1st step: arch + hive – h + s

    2nd step: mayo – o

    It’s the first post on the list.

    Hope that helps!
    (sorry for the confusion)


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