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I realized that I was starting my sixth month of blogging today, thanks to Sophie. I was sort of in shock when I realized that I had been blogging for that long. Wow! If you think, since I began blogging on November 7th, 2008, many things have happened. I have elected a new president, started a new year, had Christmas, helped the Earth with Earth Hour, fought through winter (or summer for my new-found Austrailian friends, but I’ll talk about them later!), and made new friends. That’s no small party!

When I first began blogging, I was in Washington D.C.  My class recieved thier blogs in class, and I recieved my over email. I was really excited! I explored the world of Edublogs, and wrote my first posts! My blog was first titled “abbeyr604’s blog”, then “Abbey’s Alcove”. My theme was Pink- Kupy. I wrote VERY short posts, with no links or pictures. Not a very exciting blog. In December, I wrote countdown posts for Christmas.

January was a time of change. Not only was it a new year, but it was a new direction for my blog. Inspired by Ms. Waters’s post on Blog Makeovers and the need for a blog idea theme, I redid my blog to make it “Read, Write, and Knit”, with the theme ChaoticSoul. I was really excited about the new direction! I began my Blog of the Month in February.

In March, I made some minor changes. I changed my theme to RadMod and made several other little changes. I also joined the Student Blogging Challenge. I feel that my blogging has greatly improved with the challenge.

Now that April is upon us, I am continuing on with what I have so far. I am not sure if I will change things up about later, but for now my blog is staying the way that it is. I love blogging becuase it is a great way to express myself. I also love the people that I have met. Through the blogging challenge I have met people from Austrailia, Argentina, Portugal, Canada, Washington, Texas, and more! I love experiencing all of the different cultures from around the world. I enjoy using Google Translate to read other blogs. It makes me feel good to be able to read blogs from around the world and understand them. I also love being able to experience new comments from different people and get a variety of different perspectives from people other than my classmates.

I do not plan to stop blogging. Even after the school year has ended, I will keep this blog, and maybe even start a new blog for my seventh grade year. I am very excited about the possibilities, but for now, I am staying here with my blog. I love blogging, Edublogs, my blog, and my “blogging family”!


Miss W’s Blogging Challenge #5
Ms. Waters’s Student Blogging Competition 2009- Topic # 2

21 thoughts on “My Blogging Story

  1. WOW your blogging has definitely changed since you started blogging. Excellent work. I went through and checked your posts in November and December; can clearly see how it has improved.

    You must be really pleased at your progress? Also really like your new theme – really clean! PS your structure of this post is excellent – nice paragraphs and well laid out.

    Also like the concept of blogs of the month. Perhaps you can tell us more?

  2. That is an inspiring story Abbey! I still remember what your blog first looked like and it has really improved!

    I took the Poll and the Surrvey by the way

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  4. Hi Abbey, I meant to visit your blog and let you know but I’ve been traveling in the Eastern States for the past 1 1/2 weeks.

    Any way what I wanted to tell you is I had to do a keynote presentation for Educators from around the world and I showed your blog as an example of how blogging can improve learning, skills and connect students with a global audience while also giving them a means of sharing their own interests. The link above is to a post that someone has written about your blog as a result of my presentation.

    Please accept my apologies for not telling you sooner. Your blogging is an excellent example of the growth that can happen through blogging. Well done to both you and your teacher.

  5. Hi Abbey, just checking through the entries in The Student blogging competition and thought I would leave another comment in case you haven’t seen my comment above. We had a problem with the mailing system for a short period of time when I left the comment above so you might not have received email notification. Keep up your excellent work!

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  7. Congratulations on your win in the Edublogger student competition. Make sure you visit the Edublogger to get your badge which you can add to your blog.

  8. Well, Abbey, you’ve exceeded all blogging expectations. Congratulations on your well-deserved notoriety. I’m so very proud of you!

  9. Wow i really liked your blog (My blogging story). i think i want to start my own blog. that was a awsome story on how you got your blog started.

  10. You can post a link to our store as the BEST place to buy books! If you want, I can set up a ‘guest review’ spot for your blogger friends! aunt jilly

  11. Mom and Dad are trying to get me to write some crazy things, but I am refusing to do so.

    That’s sounds cool! I will add your website to my links. (I never thought about Saturn Booksellers before!)



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  14. Hi Abbey. I really like that article because it really shows what a person can do when tey put thier mind to something that they like.

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  16. WOW!!! You really improved since you first started blogging. My Avatar name is Titus. I compared your first blog post to the post called My Blogging Story and you have done a wonderful job on blogging. Here is a link to my blog website so you can come and see my blog. Just click here.

  17. I think your story about how far you’ve gotten in blogging is outstanding. I am in grade 6 and I have not gotten as far as you have gotten in blogging. You’re blog makes me want to get better at blogging. If you would like to see some of my blog posts you may visit my blog at this website:

  18. Wow what a wonderful blog. I am in grade six too but have not come close to blogging something like that.

  19. Your blog is way better than your first, I don’t even think I could even make a better blog.

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