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I am a student at a middle school in Indiana, and I am part of a laptop pilot program to use laptops in class. My English/ Literature teacher, Mrs. Plantan, gave each of us Edublogs blogs to use. We use them personally, and also to answer questions in class. I like having my own blog, because I can express myself through writing and get my thoughts on the web. Mrs. Plantan has all of our blogs on her Google Reader, so she knows everything that we post and grades them that way. I believe that the blogs are a great use of controlled freedom.


This was posted in response to the Edublogger’s post, The Edublogger’s First Brithday Celebration!, regarding Using Blogs With Students. 

3 thoughts on “Using Blogs With Students

  1. G’day Abbey,
    I was reading “The Edublogger” and found your link so came to your blog. I am running a student blogging challenge to start in March this year and was wondering if you and your fellow students would like to participate.

    I ran one last year and had nearly 500 students from 9 countries around the world taking part. If you are interested, please notify your teacher and other students then you can register either a class blog or a student blog at

    The challenge runs for 10 weeks with different activities to choose from each week. It involves writing posts, making comments and improving yor blog.

    From the challenge last year, we also began a new blog so those students could keep in touch.

  2. Thanks Abbey for submitting an entry in The Edublogger’s First Brithday Celebration! Glad to hear you are enjoying blogging. Have joined the Student blogging competition also?

  3. Ms. Waters,
    Mrs. Plantan is looking into doing the competition. It looks fun! We will probably do it! Thanks!

    Miss W,
    Thanks for letting me know about the competition. Mrs. Plantan and I are looking into doing it!

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